Speed Post Tracking – India Post Tracking Status

Speed Post Tracking: Indian postal services provide both domestic services and international services as well as money transfer services making the transfer of our goods/money from one place to another safe and easy.These services are available in all postal departments that provide speed mail.Through ISpeedPost you can track the status of your post very easily time to time.

There are various methods through which you can track your post.some important and convenient methods are

  • Mail Tracking Number: You can search the whereabouts of your post by the packing number printed on the package’s booking receipt.
  • Online Track and Trace System: You can enter the thirteen digit barcode that uniquely identifies each speed post consignment in the box above and press ok, then the delivery status will appear.
  • SMS Based Delivery Status: You can track the speed post through SMS services also.To track the status of the post type ‘POST TRACK’ <13 digit barcode number> and send the SMS to 166 or 51969.
  • You can also track the status of the speed post through the official website.Just go to the website of India Post or click here.

Speed Post Tracking

Enter speed post tracking number and click track button to check the status of your parcels.


Points to keep in mind while using SMS tracking:

india post

  • All the letters in the SMS should be capital.For example ‘POST TRACK AE123456789IO’.
  • The consignment status will be available up to 60 days from the date of booking.
  • This service is provided by all the all the mobile network operators in India and the rates are charged as per the service provider

Speed Post Tracking Formats:

While tracking the consignment status please make sure that you enter the correct format number.The different types of tracking number formats present in India Post are shown below

Service Type


No. of Alpha Numeric digits

Domestic EMS Articles 



International EMS Articles



Registered Post



Electronic Money Order (eMO)



Express Parcel Post




Speed Mail:

It is the name of a fast postal service provided by provided by several postal companies across the world.It provides express delivery of packages from one place to another quickly and with high security.In the past 28 years, this company had delivered about 4 crore packages.This is one of the leading domestic express industries in providing shipment services for both domestic as well as international addresses.

Typically it takes 2 to 3 days for a package to reach the destination address.It provides reliable services at affordable prices.It operates at very affordable prices in comparison to its other competitive courier service companies.It has a vast network and it also operates in rural areas.As it covers about 89.87% delivery offices in rural areas it is the most reliable courier delivery service.

This Company is linked up with the Universal Postal Union and EMS thereby providing services across 99 different foreign countries.For EMS complaints customers are required to visit the gateway centers in India which are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.Users can send the package to anywhere in the world and the service cost depends on the destination.

Features and Services of Speed Mail:

  • India postal service offers insurance to customers up to 1 lakh depending on the value of the consignments based on terms and conditions.
  • 24-hour booking services are available in selected offices of some major cities.
  • Cash on Delivery option is available for E-Commerce and it also provides a discount for corporate customers under some terms and conditions.
  • For bulk customers, the package will be delivered to the doorstep by the customers asking them through a phone call or the package can be collected normally.

Advantages of Speed Mail:

  • The package will be delivered within 2 to 3 days and signature of the receiver is a must at the time of delivery which provides security.
  • If the package could not be delivered it will be returned back to the sender
  • For the loss or damage of articles in the consignment, India Post will pay some amount of money as a compensation depending on whether the service is domestic or international.

Procedure to send package:

  • First, the weight of the package should be measured.Packaging charges are calculated depending on the weight of the package.
  • Care should be taken that no prohibited items are present in the package.
  • Item or items should be packed in a seal proof box and the box should be labeled with address written on it or with printed address
  • Visit the nearest postal office that provides the courier service
  • A consignment number receipt will be given after they weigh the package and charge it.

By Using that number on the receipt you can select any one of the methods to track the package until it is delivered.Thank you for using us as your guide